Projection materials [Free]

I made some tutorials a while back and have finally gotten around to uploading the materials for the wood projection and tri-planar materials.

Link - Enter $0 for the price to download for free.

I think it’s one of the best gifts we can find around here, well-written, clear, ordered and reusable functions…
Congratulation :slight_smile:

Edit : There has been a small change in the implementation of the power nodes where it calculates 0 for negative input values. To fix this, add an abs node before the power nodes in the circular deformation section to restore previous functionality. I’ll update the project on Gumroad shortly.

I’ve included the projection materials in my procedural furniture project, which is where I’ll be maintaining them in the future.

Procedural crown moulding added. More to come:

Turns out that you can use the wood projection node to make a simple 3D printed shader. I’ll include it in the next update.