Projection Mapping with UE4

I am trying to use UE4 to make an interactive projection mapping installation. Projection mapping has been around for a while and software like Resolume, Madmapper, and VPT have made projection mapping very very easy and accessible. However, they are not ideal for creating truly interactive projection mapping experiences. How feasible is it to use Unreal for a large projection mapping project (I will be mapping on to a bridge) and I will require about 4 projectors. My idea is to recreate a 3D replica of the bridge and then import it into Unreal where I can make the magic happen. A few issues I see and some questions I have are:

  1. How does Unreal deal with multiple outputs (4 projectors) ideally output from these four projectors should be stitched together
  2. Will I still have to use a projection mapping software like Resolume or can I do the whole thing in Unreal. If I have to use a projection mapping software how can I get real-time output from Unreal into Resolume. I am running Windows but I believe there is an application called Syphon that does this for Mac.

I would really appreciate any feedback, advice, and ideas. I think this is definitely a discussion worth having.

I work in this field. I would create a single output from a locked off camera. Breakup the UE4 output into 4 projectors in another program.

Perhaps like this.

Thank you, Cedar. The plugin looks great, I will try it out. If I understand correctly Spout is pretty much like Syphon and it seems to work well with Resolume Spout - Sharing Video between Applications on Windows - Resolume VJ Software & Media Server.
I’ve been trying to gauge the feasibility and demand to create a projection mapping plugin for UE4. I believe there is a similar plugin for Unity called Omnity but there seems to be nothing like that for UE4.

I’ve created a blog post about how to use Spout for Video Mapping. Please, help yourself.

Hi everyone,

Happy new year 2017 !
I’ve see someone of you are mapper.
I’m looking for some mapper who can join us and work with us on a serious ambitious project on Unreal Engine 4.

We are a team of 3 persons actually.
If you want more info, contact me in PM.

Video mapper

Hi there @Eristoff72 I´m a video mapping artist, sounds insteresting, please send me more info to


Hi WilloIsMyName, i added you on skype directly with your e-mail.
I will show you the team and the project.


In Lightact media server, we’ve enabled integration with Unreal Engine. I would be very happy if some of you guys can give it a spin and let us know how can we improve it.

You can download it at the link below.

Thanks a lot in advance!