Projection Mapping Made In Unreal Engine 5

I made this video art installation for festival Art Of Zivot. Entire video is made in Unreal Engine 5.

The geometry is the 3d scan of former bank in my hometown. The animation was projected on wall in the building, the opening in the begining is lookthrough like view into different dimension based on same architectural enviroment.

All the transformation is based only on the material, just controlled noise at the world position offset.

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Nice! What software did you use to make the scan?

Hi there @Hanys,

Welcome back to the Unreal Engine forums! So nice to see a returning face :slight_smile:

This felt like the intro to a cool techy game. The color choices and lighting made the entire video feel so cheerful and a bit cyberpunk-y. Do you plan on creating similar projects anytime soon?

Thank you! I used 3d Scanner App on Ipad pro.

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Hi! :slight_smile:
I use this kind of effect quite often on other projection mapping projects.

Create a game based on this technique is good idea! :slight_smile:
I will think about at least some prototype of this feature.
Thank you

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