Projection Angular Tolerance UE5

UE5 is missing Projection Angular Turbulence. In the same area there is an Alpha control, but the variable is 0-1 . Does UE5 handle the Projection Angular Turbulence now using the givens or is there a setting elsewhere?

Hey @DofusGolmor, thanks for posting on the forums!
I don’t know what happened to the component itself, but you might be looking for Velocity Modules. They allow you to create conical particle emissions at certain velocities. Here’s a link to the docs for some more info: Velocity Modules | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation
I hope this can help you!

Thank you for your help! I appreciate it. It’s actually a Specific Projection Angular Tolerance used in Physics Constraints to determine a projection if it does exceed a specific Angle. For example. Setting a Door to open at 90 degrees, UE 4 would allow us to set the Projection Angular Tolerance to 90 degrees as well. It was Available in the Physics Constraints in (Actors) for example. it is no longer present, and I can’t think of any other solution.

This is the exact issue. No one responded to this forum as well.

Projection Tolerance from Physics Constraint no longer available in UE5? - Unreal Engine / World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

@DofusGolmor, thanks for the clarification!
I took a look at the link you provided and the docs a bit, and I’m now thinking that you might have to check to enable projection. My best guess is that the alpha translates a float to a 0-180 scale. I’ll do my best to look into it some more though.

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You seem right. I have played with it a bit. I assumed it was just 0,1 I didn’t realize it could be set to in-betweens. I’m assuming if that’s the case then setting 90 for the original tolerance would be .5 if that is the case. Ill give it a shot! Thank you again. The main issue is using Physics on a door for YEARS. It is one of my most common methods for opening a door (i love it anyway) and I have never had an issue where it would snap to 90 or -90 go what appears to be 91 and -91 or so and then stay snapped there making it hard to interact with
I was hoping the tolerance was the issue. But Thank you again regardless!

Projection Tolerance Alpha set to .5 was in part the solution. The other issue which leads to me researching the missing setting was also resolved by shrinking the collision a bit on the frame as the door was colliding and causing some bad results.

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