Projectiles not shooting at cursor

Hey guys

I’m making a system that will allow the player to shoot projectiles where the cursor is pointed, unfortunately the projectiles shoot in the completely wrong directions.

For example in this screen grab the projectiles shoot down (red circle) however the cursor was pointing at the red X.

Controller blueprints

Bullet blueprints

If there’s any other information I can supply you guys with feel free to say.

Much thanks

Hey guys

After looking at the program a bit more I discovered that the position of the projectiles seems to change to do with the players position

For instance in this frame the projectiles go down to the left

In this frame the projectile is more towards the middle.

And in this frame the projectile goes towards the left.

Maybe try using “get world position” and/or get forward vector (I use both in mine). I’m trying to achieve a similar thing in a 2d scroller template and I use world position, I also use a line trace instead of a projectile so I’m not entirely sure if that will work for you, just a suggestion.

Hey bud thanks for the reply, any chance you could upload some blueprints, am fairly new to this so am not to sure where to put those in.

Many thanks

Sorry didnt see your reply till now, are you still having trouble?