Projectiles not communicating float variables

So I’ve got 3 major components

1.Ship blueprint with health float (third image)
2.Projectile blueprint with damage float (second image where I’m trying to inject the damage float into the function that’s called in image 3)
3.“take damage” function (image 1)

So when the projectile hits the ship the projectile is supposed to input the damage value into the function. Then when the eventhit on the ship runs it’s supposed to read the damage value from that projectile through the function. But it won’t, the function call and the projectile damage float are not properly going through. I think it’s that the projectile and the functions are not pairing together properly somehow.

I attached the images, the blue circled area is where the variable is not communicating from the function. Collisions, damage, hud all work fine it’s getting the actual value from the specific projectile to communicate it’s damage.