Projectiles not colliding with objects

Hi all, I’m following a series of tutorials by Mindless Pursuits and I’ve encountered a problem with a rocket launcher weapon. The projectile is a child blueprint based on a grenade for a grenade launcher. The grenades work fine, they collide with objects and bounce around before exploding at the end of their life of 3 seconds and they cause damage to players. The rockets on the other hand do not, they just pass through meshes and, most of the time, players although with the latter they occasionally hook the player and drag them until they hit a mesh with a hit box. The projectile will only explode at the end of its lifespan and not when it strikes anything and do no damage if a player happens to be in the blast radius. They will also explode on launching if I set their collision to BlockAll or BlockAllDynamic even though that works for the grenade launcher projectiles.

There’s an “On Component Hit” event that seems to do nothing for the rocket. I’ve tried the Overlap version and this just causes the projectile to explode on the player instigating the shot.

I’ve posted this mostly so Keith from Mindless Pursuits can look at my settings but if anyone else has any insight or answers I would love the help.

Here are the settings for the rocket projectile:






Settings for the rocket launcher:



Hopefully they can give someone clues to what I need to fix.

Stuart Graham.

For some reason if you import the First Person Bullet it works fine, I also had this problem.

The only thing you need to do after that is just remove the mesh and add your own.

That was worth a try but it didn’t change anything. I tried a few meshes and had the same result although none of them hooked the player and dragged them backwards. I even changed the default ammo for the grenade ammo and it didn’t work although it works for the grenade. I am getting the feeling that it’s somehow the rocket launcher that’s the problem and not the ammo.

*Edit - okay, scratch that, it’s a mix of the weapon and the projectile somehow. When I apply the projectile to the parent blueprint it does the same thing.