Projectiles not colliding (full screenshots via link)


I am having real trouble getting my projectiles to collide with anything.

I’ve read the Answerhub, Forums, watched numerous tutorials; I’ve also undertaken hours and hours of trial and error - it feels like it should be simple, but I am just not getting it and it’s time to ask for help.

Please see screenshots in the attached album:

Edit: added working link Unreal - Projectiles not colliding - Album on Imgur

In summary:

  • I have created a projectile blueprint containing a static mesh, capsule collision, and projectile movement component
  • I have set the static mesh to ‘No Collision’ and the capsule to ‘block all’
  • I have a static mesh box on my map with a simple box collision added
  • When spawning the projectile it passes through the mesh box (and everything else)

I would be really grateful if somebody could take a look at this and respond.

Thanks all