projectiles hit ..


i have one question ,

when i shoot projectiles away from wall all is fine , but when i m close to wall there is no balls from the gun … Please let me know what i have to do

Thanks so much

here is example pics:

away wall :

close to wall

bump on this :frowning:

It does not spawn projectiles because they would be colliding. If you would change this you have to change the “Collision Handling Override” of the Projectile spawner in the FirstPerson character blueprint.


Hoever if you just choose “Always spawn, ignore collisions” it is easy to fire projectiles through the wall (which usually feels a bit like cheating). If you would still fire a projectile even if the gun is already colliding with the wall you could move the spawn location a bit backwards. It would not spawn at the muzzle location afterwards but somewhere inside of the gun mesh but it would spawn and collide with the wall (instead of spawning inside of the wall). Like this (extended the firstperson blueprint after the first spawn):


thanks so much Neutronux , it works perfect