Projectiles Causing Doors to Close

Hello folks!

So I have a door blueprint I made from following this tutorial. I have modified mine, but the basic structure is the same. The door works fine, with the exception of projectiles leaving the exit_volume causes the OnComponentEndOverlap trigger to fire.

So if the logic currently states, “When any object leaves the exit _volume, close this door”, how do I properly set it up to say “When **no player **overlaps this object, close the door”?


Use the output “other actor” with a “cast to” the character and all others will be ignored.

Thank you. Will approach work when I expand the scope of this project to be multiplayer? Or would the “other actor” only care about one exact player?

With a “cast to” you check the type of actor, then all players will be considered. And if you do a master character and create your players and ai based on it, with all specific stuff, by casting to the parent, all children will be considered too.

Edit : And with a “cast to” you have access to the variables / functions / custom events of this actor.