projectiles bouncing of eachother?

I hope someone can help me with the following:

My player can throw marbles (spawn actor - projectile) into the world, which bounce off the ground, looks fine.
When a new marble hits an already spawned marble, the new marble bounces off it, looks fine aswell.
BUT: I would like to make the already spawned marble bounce away, not stay stuck to where it ended after getting spawned.
Any info on what I might be doing wrong, or how to accomplish this?

This is my projectile / marble setup if that’s relevant, I had to unceck Physics (which felt like something important, but otherwise my projectile falls through the ground)

That aside, does “rotation follow velocity” require extra attention other than checking the box? it looks really weird ingame, especially the material.

Any info is much appreciated as I’m completely stuck on the subject, thanks in advance.

After a whole lot more headaching, I solved it by not using a projectile, but just spawning the marble without the default projectile stuff and adding an impulse to it.
This works perfectly for launching objects but am still wondering why the default Projectile Movement Component wouldn’t work…
Not off to adding the bouncyness etc :frowning:

You can turn on Should Bounce to get your projectile to bounce around under the ProjectileMovement component

Once that is on then you can adjust the Bounciness, Friction, and Bounce Velocity Stop Simulation to get the desired effect