Projectiles and replication

Hello every one…

In the current game I am working on, around 30-40% of the game play revolves around dodging projectiles and hitting targets accurately. It is a top-down click to move game(something like diablo).

What are are best methods to replicate projectile and characters so that the gameplay remains unfair for the both sides.

  1. One option i am thinking about is making the character movement take place fist on the server and replicate it to clients.
    As in, if I order an unit to move from point A to point B, A server function is first called and it orders the unit to move form A to B. The result is then replicated to all clients.

This might be annoying on high latency though it might take 0.2 seconds to see see your character moving. But this way, the projectiles will be accurate.

But, my game is going to have fairly low replication so I think, it might be good to try this.

  1. I had seen a projectile system which had been made by someone in the UT4 forums… I don’t remember the post though. In that, the project speed is slightly increased based on the position of the projectile on the original player who fired it.

I don’t remember the exact post though. In it basically, towards the end of the projectile path, the location of the projectile on server = position of projectile on the firing client.

For projectiles I would recommend looking at UT’s source code and porting over Steve Polge’s changes for projectile prediction.