Projectile wont collide with world

In my project settings under collision I have an object channel, “Grenade” set to block as default.
I have a preset, “GrenadeProjectile” using object type “Grenade”, which has collision enabled (query and physics), and is set to block all, except for Pawn, Camera and Trace which are set to overlap. Pawn is set to overlap Grenade, and most else is set to block Grenade.

I have a blueprint, “ProjectileBlueprint” with Actor as a parent class. This is it’s heirarchy:

GrenadeCollision is a collision sphere of radius 8 and it’s collision preset is GrenadeProjectile.
GrenadeMesh is set to “No Collision”.

I have static meshes as my world currently, and my projectiles shoot right through them. The same happened with BSP. My static meshes appear to have correct collision, and my player character can walk on them, can’t walk through the walls etc. I’ve tried everything I can think of and googled extensively now, and I’m at the end of my tether.

If I set the GrenadeCollision to “Simulate Physics” then the projectiles bounce off the static meshes perfectly, but they do not launch correctly (they have next to no velocity). I tried upping the velocity to 2000 to match the start/max speed, but this didn’t make a difference. My projectiles shoot beautifully with this option off, but they shoot straight through everyhing!

If I set my “Grenade” and “Pawn” to block each other, the grenade appears to shove the pawn I place down but to me it looks like it still passes through.

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve fixed my issue by making the collision sphere the root and deleting the scene component!

Thank you so much!