Projectile withmovement component is deleted automatically after appr 20 seconds...What's the cause?

Hi all, greetings. I’m imitating the World of Warship’s mechanics.
So, I set the projectile like this…

The initial speed is 780m/s
and its spawned at the socket of the gun barrel.

But after 20s or so, all the projectiles are deleted (at the end of the video, those projectiles change their names to “deleted actors” in the world outliners)
See this video…

I’ve checked the compenent’s cpp file.
I noticed that there is a crazy long condition

while( RemainingTime >= MIN_TICK_TIME && (Iterations < MaxSimulationIterations) && !ActorOwner->IsPendingKill() && !HasStoppedSimulation() )

Is that the cause of the automatic delete? Or is there a value that I can tune to allow the projectile stay super long in the game?
Forgive my bad…I’m not pro in cpp…