Projectile velocity relative to world

I have a projectile with tracers that generally work well when I am firing the gun from a stationary position. But my guns are attached to a large aircraft moving about 400 miles per hour +X. When I shoot the guns in the front or rear of the plane it looks fine. But when I use one of the side mounted guns, the bullets don’t look right. Because I’m moving so fast in +X, the bullets shoot out and then just wiz by left or right depending which way I’m facing in Y. I suppose that’s accurate in reality, but it’s looking a bit over exaggerated in UE4. So I figured I could compensate by just increasing the velocity, which only works when I crank up the settings insanely high. The bullets are more controllable but they move so fast I can’t see the tracer, and my bullet drop isn’t noticeable any more either. Has anyone had experience dealing with these kinds of issues?

how about just adding velocity to the bullet in the direction that the plane is moving and depending on its speed. off the top of my head that would require a reference to the plane, get the planes forward vector, inverse transform to the bullets space, get planes velocity , and add the needed values to the bullets velocity. this is all just speculation as i havent tried it myself.

I just tried your suggestion, it helped a lot, thanks! However my tracer is so long that at certain angles it looks as if the actual tracer glow shape isn’t facing the direction of the projectile. It follows it in place, but is oriented in one axis the whole time, similar to how a sprite always is oriented to the player. I’ll keep messing with it. I may need to get the forward vector of the actual projectile too and input that into the tracer.

i have no idea what your attempting to say. try using a visual to show the issue.