Projectile velocity falloff?

So I’m currently trying to create a wind/air projectile that a player can fire out, and I want it to obviously have an effect on objects to give them the effect of being hit by a ball of air. (Think Avatar: Legend of Aang). I already have the projectile itself set up. There are two methods I’m thinking of for it working:

Have it instigate a matinee for whatever is interact-able, making custom matinee’s for each thing.

Or what I’m trying at the minute, which is having an impulse hit physics enabled actors when an invisible projectile hits something. So it kind of looks like it’s being hit by a blast of wind. It doesn’t quite look right but it’s okay for now.

My problem with my current method is, the impulse is based on the velocity of the projectile (scaled). But I want the impulse to be lower the further away the thing is. It wouldn’t make sense to absolutely blast something a mile away. Is there a way to change the velocity over time on a projectile? I’m not sure where to start.