Projectile transform wrong on clients...

I have a pretty weird problem here. I am trying to learn more about multiplayer stuff. So…the 3rd person template serves as the base for my project. Guns, animations…all that stuff works fine in multiplayer. Now…the projectiles however don’t.

Instead of spawning right where my muzzle socket is, they spawn on the ground (X and Y look fine - Z is off). Now…as soon as I get into the server’s view, the projectiles spawn at the correct position. Even when leaving the server’s view. But before the server character is able to see me, the Z-axis is completely off. Same with dedicated server mode. The Z-axis is always off (projectiles spawn on the ground). Since there is no “server character”, the problem remains in dedicated sessions.

I’m spawning the projectiles via “Spawn Actor from Class”, passing the muzzle socket transform (Get Socket Transform). The code is inside my weapon blueprint, as I like to keep my character blueprints as clean as possible, and the whole system as flexible as I can.

Any idea what might be wrong?