Projectile that pushes other characters around


I’m trying to make a projectile that has an area around it that pushes whoever overlaps it.

Like this scene from the video:
[video][Gundam Core] Gundam Unicorn PV - MSN-06S Sinanju & Full Frontal - YouTube

I’m trying to reach this smooth repulsion which is maintained for a few seconds and to have the character being affected only in an area around following the projectile.

Please, share your thoughts if someone has done something similar yet or could help me developing this feature.

I’ll keep updating this thread when I have some progress.

Im not sure what you want exactly, but projectile setup is easy and then you can add sphere collision attached to projectile and create event for sphere “OnBeginOverlap” and then try something like “add impulse” to overlapping actor… Then use “Get direction vector” node from center of projectile to overlapping actor and it will get you impulse direction… :slight_smile: im new but got idea something like this, i hope i helped you

Yes! that’s exactly what I’m trying to do right now. If I make some nice progress I’m going to post here.