Projectile stays still when spawned despite having a Projectile Movement component

I’ve been following the official Unreal course on making a Twin Stick Shooter with Blueprints on I got to the point where you first test out instantiating the bullets, and things seem fine on the teacher’s end. The bullets spawn and move in the direction they should.

But on mine, they just stay in place. I also get a bunch of errors about lighting needing to be rebuilt for the objects I just instantiated. I went back to the video where he set up the bullets, and I did everything just as he did; I don’t know where I went wrong.

So you added projectile movement?


and you set the velocity of this?


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Are the bullets colliding with anything? How is their collision setup?

Yes, I added a ProjectileMovement component to the Projectile Blueprint. The settings the teacher had were…

Initial Speed: 1200
Max Speed: 0
Rotation Follows Velocity: false

I tried the settings you had in your screenshot, and nothing changed.

I don’t think the bullets were colliding with anything, and as the teacher didn’t change the collision setups on his end, I assume that it’s all the defaults.

Make sure your root sceneobject (maybe mesh) Mobility is set as “Moveable” under the Transform category in your details panel.

Thanks! Turns out that’s all I had to do ^^

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