Projectile spawning in wrong. (Third-Person)

I have taken the Third Person Character from the Third Person starter level, and created another level where i want the character to shoot out a sphere when pressed E, that will travel with realistic velocity until it gives the Explosion effect which also releases a radial impulse.
My problem is, the sphere is spawning in wrong on the character, and due to the way i set it up, i believe it is because i have made the sphere spawn X=100 away from the character. Except, i want it to spawn X=100 away from where the character is facing, so on a forward vector, yet in the blueprints i cannot see any way to do this.

So the character spawns in, and when i press E, the ball spawns 100x away from the character, perfect. Except now if i move the mouse, the ball still spawns at the same place, but flys in the rotation of my camera, which could be worked around… Now if i turn the character in anyway, the sphere still spawns a positive 100x away from the character, and if i turn the character around so it faces 180 to the position it spawned in, the ball would spawn inside or behind the character, which is my real problem.

Screenshot by Lightshot -Blueprint to shoot the fireball

Screenshot by Lightshot - ProjectileMovement of the Fireball