Projectile physics help. Grenade

I have a rock throw action in my game and have setup a blueprint containing a projectile movement a radial force sphere and the object I’m throwing. If I enable physics on the object in the blueprint viewpoint it falls to the floor and dose not follow the projectile path upon simulation but with physics disabled throws fine and even destroys destructible meshes as intended within the game. The rock dosnt bounce however and disappear through floors despite setting this up in collision. Probably the result of not being a physics object but I’m not 100% as to why.

How do I “glue” the mesh to the projectile or is there a different method for this sort of event entirely?

Assume I’m throwing a grenade that plays a dust partial effect instead of a explosion and your pretty much there.
The animbp etc I’ve setup already

Hi jacky thanks for your answer, really appreciate quick response.
I’ve set up the bounce properties in the viewpoint already but the rock throws through floors and walls. An error message comes up every time a rock is thrown saying I should enable collision (but this causes the rock to drop as explained in q) would It be safe to just ignore this?
Do you have any thoughts on stopping the rock from passing through objects in the scene?
Many thanks

You don’t need to simulate physics for the mesh. Just leave it as the root of your projectile BP. If you want it to bounce make sure Should Bounce is enabled in ProjectileMovement Component.

What is the mesh’s collision preset set to? Make sure it is BlockAllDynamic(check it in static mesh editor as well just to be thorough.)