Projectile Path Tracer


Price - $14.99
Versions - 4.8 - 4.11
Platforms - PC/Mac, Android, iOS
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This is a very easy-to-use asset for displaying the path a physics projectile will take.

Using a Blueprint actor, the path of any physics projectile can be predicted and displayed through a particle beam. Using the initial location and velocity, the beam created by the blueprint will align itself to follow the path the projectile will take, and the point it will land. Mass and gravity scale may need to be input as well for some projectiles.
This can be used to aim grenades, arrows, or nearly any physics-based projectile.
This is all done with a single blueprint actor, and is extremely simple to use or even modify.

It does not control or manipulate the behavior of the projectile in any way, relying only on the normal physics. This makes it versatile and extremely simple to use, but in exchange it cannot predict bounces. The behavior of a physics object once it collides is too unpredictable. It will only display the path of the projectile up to the point it will collide with a surface.

This is very useful for aiming grenades or rockets in an FPS, or aiming your projectile in a physics-based puzzle game like Angry Birds.