Projectile Passes through at certain angles.

I have a player shot projectile from the air (From Space ship). It usually hits the ground and explodes. but at certain angles around 45 degrees or so it just passes through. I have only bin able to solve this by slowing the projectile to a crawl (From 10,000 to 2,000) witch I can’t do do to game mechanics. I have turned on forced substepping from max to minimum, I have checked Use CCD on the Collision Sphere. I have tried all I could think of and can’t seem to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

I think that with very high speed is better use a linetrace to istantly know where the collision hit, did you try it ?

Yes a line trace would work but I don’t want instant hit mechanics. More of a bullet hell mechanics where you and the enemy can dodge fast bullets. I’m going to try scaling everything down in size then slowing down the movement and the projectiles to see if that will do it.

what if you linetrace only the part of movement he have to do in that “tick”
you dont cast the line on the distance until touch something,
you cast it only toward*speed,

I think what I did before in a different project (FPS) was a line trace per tick form behind the projectile at a distance relative to the current speed. I would have to dig up the old project file to check. For now the down scaling and slowing down the projectiles worked well enough, also i made the static mesh a box instead of a plane so it had some thickness.