Projectile only going straight

Hello everyone! I am working on a project where I can shoot bullets out of my weapon. I have managed to succeed in it moving the way I am facing, however, it’s not shooting up or down. If I look down at the ground or up in the sky it just goes straight as usual.

Is there any way for it to shoot up / down too?

Even though it looks a bit dodgy, it works:

Image from Gyazo

You can always open the first person template and see how shooting is done. But the above works fine.

Also, if you just need to change the default angle:

just depends on how you set up your game there is no way to tell if you’re shooting the projectile from a gun or just some point offset of your camera.
add a socket to your gun and use that or use the camera rotation. or maybe that bullet ref has a rotation you can use.

Yeah when I do that the bullet goes up, but only one direction no matter where I turn.

Nevermind I fixed it. IT WORKS! thank you so much