Projectile only colliding when player is moving

So I created some projectiles that fire at my character that should collide. There is one problem I am having, the projectile collides if the character is moving or the result of a getting if there the character is pushed by the projectile collision still occurs. That part is good. However, if my character is motionless, the projectiles pass through my character as if there is no collision. I thought maybe there was a problem with the collision set to collide only with dynamic objects but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Does anyone have any idea of what I am missing? Is there a setting that needs to be enabled or disabled in order for my projectile to collide when my character is motionless.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi unrealguy,

Could you post an image of your blueprints so we can have a better idea of what might be happening? Thank you!

Thanks for responding,

Someone answered the question on Answerhub. Here is the link to the answer in case anyone else is having this issue.

I’m hoping someone will see this post even though it’s been a while since the topic was raised.

I’m having similar problems but with doors.
When triggering the “Open/Close” animation while moving, the door collides with the character nicely and pushes him aside.
But when standing still the door starts to overlap the character and jerks the char. aside in large increments.
(I assume it detects that it’s inside another object and tries to correct its position)

The answer hub explains that Pawn collision is only active while moving, and suggests changing to something else.
However this doesn’t work for me…
I’ve tried every preset and custom setting possible, including “Always create physics state” and “CCD”, not only on the CapsuelComponent but on the Door_BP as well.

Any solution or suggestion is greatly appreciated!