Projectile not colliding with bsp or default Cube mesh

I started a Top Down project, and made a Projectile with component list : Sphere > Particlesystem | ProjectileMovement
I set the Sphere to Overlap All and Generate Hits, it collides with Pawns, my custom Actors (with meshes) but it doesnt collide with the BSPs or the default unreal 4 level wall/block Meshes.
The walls obviously have collision.

What’s going on…?
I’m very confused

Show us your collision settings.

Here are the collision settings for my projectile:

here is my component setup and the sphere collision im using

Weird, i just set it to BlockAll and my Hit node is now firing - I swear I tried this the other day and it didn’t work…
Either way, I know have this projectile colliding
I find it strange that bsp and static meshes weren’t calling the “overlap” event