Projectile not colliding with anything

I have a gun that shoots spent brass casings out of the side of the gun, and when they hit the ground they make a ting sound. My problem is though, that when the projectile hits anything, it just passes right on through instead of colliding.
The little grey cylinders

I have Block all dynamic checked, and It does play the sound every time I fire and it hits something, but it just doesn’t stop moving.

What collision setting do they have?

Check the capsule component and set it for testing to “Block all dynamic”. (The difference between dynamic and not dynamic is just the object type. You can differentiate between world dynamic and world static).

This should block everything and definitely stop at walls. If you want to do something on hit and it doesn’t call it make sure that the checkbox “Simulation generates hit events” is checked which is located just above the collision type.

Hope this helps.



Ah turns out the reason was because simulate physics was checked. Works great now!

What’s about your level? Do they block all?

And how about your Casing mesh? If both have collision it might bug out…

Just throwing around ideas. Because I just tried it. Clean first person template. New actor with projectile movement. Same setup like you. Mesh without collision and the projectile movement 3k initial and max speed as well as 3k velocity in x. It works like a charm…

I am having the same problem only it is set to block all dynamic, and simulate physics is turned off. The default fps example projectile dissapears for no reason after the balls are fired. So i tried making my own version with the projectile movement but now it goes through every object. Scanned thru every freakin setting.

The only thing that reacts to it is a destructible mesh.

The reason the FPS projectile disappears after they are fired for no reason is because they have a life span, You can set it in the blueprint’s Details tab, at the bottom “Initial Life Span”.

But about your collision problem, I have the same issue, and I’m still struggling with it.

Nevermind, solved it.

Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that, The solution for me was I made the collision component the Root component, The projectile movement component became on the same level as it, and static mesh is parented to the root. That seemed to have made it work fine.

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LOL thank you, i thought im going crazy… and wtf unreal engine…

Even though pretty old thread I just wanted to add this here if someone ever encounters it.

I also every time I do a game with projectiles I get into the same problem of it never colliding until I put the collision component as root. But since I couldn´t let go why for the 100 times this is setup this way and I have never encounter somewhere a real reason.

If you look in the screenshot you see basically in the description that it sets to update the root but you are always able to set another component to be updated.


I love you, it solved my problem @neryun