projectile multiplayer - stops in mid-air


projectile stops in mid-air on the client. Do not know why?
In Unreal Engine everything works fine.

see my video.


switch that multicast “fire” to run on server

does not work, the projectiles disappears. On the client side.

Btw rework that script a bit, on fire input you dont need to switch authority… just only “fire” event which is running on server… I noticed you show “BP_projectile” but you spawning first person projectile (mistake or old pic?)… you replicating projectile, so everything must work, for test try to slow down projectile, maybe to 500 speed… if still not running record new video please i need to see what it is doing
(+ imo switch collision handling override to "always spawn, ignore collisions)

Hey thx again.

BP_projectile was a mistake. Now it spawning first person projectile.
speed is 500 - 30.000 before.

I have try always spawn, ignore collisions/default. No different.

Here is a video and spec.

oh, so its not working only in standalone? today i made post about standalone… i have big problems with standalone too, later im going to post in on answerhub bugreports…

I use Pawn Blueprint - work only on server.
Tried with character Blueprint and it work. both standalone and Unreal Editor. It’s awesome.