Projectile movement

Hello guys,
I am struggling with projectile movement.
I am trying to make an RPG spell casting system and for the projectiles I use projectile movement component.
I am trying to create an object and have it rotated after it was created and shoot it in a direction to a point defined by a line trace
I tried set velocity
X 1 Y 0 Z 0
and rotate it sooo the X is the way i want it to go
however when I rotate the object after it was created it goes to the direction that i would have gone regardless whether I rotated it or not.
Any help would be appreciated!
I am thinking of doing and invisible object at the end of the line trace and making the projectile movement homing but I am looking for some answers
Thanks anyone responding
Have a nice day fellow programmers!

This is a question- not a supplied bit of content, tool, or tutorial. Try posting this in the proper place. This forum is meant for sharing stuff, not asking for help.