Projectile keeps following cursor movement in real time

I would like my projectile to fire towards where to cursor is at that point in time and just continue towards its target, not follow the mouse cursor the entire time.

is my projectile blueprint that I am currently using. When I left click, the projectile just follows the mouse cursor until it disappears but I would like it to shoot at where the mouse was pointing when I left clicked only.

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What you need is this tutorial: - YouTube

I could have written the whole tutorial for you but let’s say I’m lazy and this guy covers it pretty well. :slight_smile:

You will however need to adapt that part of logic where the target location is selected. So instead of calculating projectile rotation based on character rotation you will use your target location. The collision should then take care of the rest.

Perfect! Thanks, I have it saved so I can watch it when I get off of work.