Projectile issue?

Hello Community.

I seem to be having an issue i cant seem to figure out. My ships projectiles are sometimes colliding with each other and if im moving forward my bullets seem to spawn behind me.

i have a video that explains and shows the issue.

and here are screenshots and pastebin of my blueprint code.

pastebin of nodes:

ship engine thrust:



Event for engine thrust

event right mouse button

fire projectile function

my collision inside my Projectile

my projectile properties

My ship properties for speed

video showing the issue and explanation on what i want it to do.


adding a delay to my right mouse button helps stop the projectiles from hitting each other but i still can’t figure out how to make my projectiles go faster than my spaceship and when moving they seem to
spawn behind the ship. i want them to speed up instead. anyone know why im having this issue?


Try this!

Try this!

TY just what i needed!