Projectile isn't colliding with anything :(

Hey Guys

Reddit seems really helpful so i thought i would post another little problem i am having, basically i have copied the first person shooter projectile and my bullets are going straight through everything, including players

Here is my projectile:



Projectile Movement:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Here’s a video of the problem :slight_smile:

Hi Colloseus,

It’s hard to tell without stepping through the code, but have you tried setting your Capsule component as the RootComponent? I see you have a default scene root, and the way the UMovementComponent works is if there isn’t a specified component to update for movement it will choose the root primitive component as shown below

void UMovementComponent::InitializeComponent()
	bInInitializeComponent = true;

	UPrimitiveComponent* NewUpdatedComponent = NULL;
	if (UpdatedComponent != NULL)
		NewUpdatedComponent = UpdatedComponent;
	else if (bAutoRegisterUpdatedComponent)
		// Auto-register owner's root primitive component if found.
		AActor* MyActor = GetOwner();
		if (MyActor)
			NewUpdatedComponent = MyActor->GetRootPrimitiveComponent();
			if (!NewUpdatedComponent)
				FMessageLog("PIE").Warning(FText::Format(LOCTEXT("NoRootPrimitiveWarning", "Movement component {0} must update a PrimitiveComponent, but owning actor '{1}' does not have a root PrimitiveComponent. Auto registration failed."), 

	PlaneConstraintNormal = PlaneConstraintNormal.SafeNormal();
	bInInitializeComponent = false;

My first guess would be to make your collision component your root component and see if that works.

Hey thanks for replying, i managed to get this working by copying an object from the game that was already colliding and just changed the size and texture :slight_smile: