Projectile. Increase speed over lifetime ?


I’m trying setting up a rocket launcher where you fire a rocket which starts to come out slow from the barrel then picks up speed over it’s life time. Anyone got a ide how you would solve it ?

I thought the projectile movement component initial speed would automatically go up to the max speed but no matter what i set initial speed to to the rocket it will have the speed of the “max speed” variable inside projectile movement component. I don’t really know why that is, the velocity is set to x = 1, y = 0, z = 0 as standard. My guess is something with the velocity is messing with increasing speed over time?

Or isn’t that meant to be a function of the projectile movement component? Perhaps you must make your own?

Did you check your acceleration variable? Sounds like the acceleration is way to high

There isn’t a acceleration variable inside the projectile movement component. Is it called something else?

Hmm I don’t have the editor open right now(not at home atm.). If there’s nothing like that, I guess you have to code it on your own. It shouldn’t be that hard.