Projectile Impact/Collision Issue

Hello awesome people of the Unreal Engine Community!

I am a Newbie starting a new project, I started this project using the Third Person Template.

I created these projectiles that spawn out of my character like lasers and they work great! However, they go through EVERYTHING! I basically want the projectiles to destroy walls and damage enemies (not go through them). Pretty much, I want impact. Anyone know how I could achieve this?

Now quite sure what to show you all so hope this helps lol. If not, let me know.

Thanks in advance!

You have to change the collision settings for the projectile to block everything.

Could you be more specific? Doesnt really help :confused:

So you have a projectile BP right? Go in there and add collision to it either with a sphere collision volume to it or collision to the object itself. Then goto collision setting in the BP settings for the sphere or the object. There you will find block all, overlap, or ignore. Its should be all in the BP itself.

All except the Camera I think

Okay my bad I didn’t get it earlier lol.

It now collides and destroys destructible meshes. Which is great!

But it still continues through walls. Wonder why that is…That should’ve done it.

Make sure your walls have collision too.