Projectile Going Through Walls

So my projectile, no matter what I do, always goes through walls, I tried to use the “on hit > destroy actor” idea ( but it didn’t work either, while playing, it keeps adding actors when I fire and never destroying them, any ideas?

Try removing every component you added to the projectile.

But I need those components to use in the Event Graph :expressionless:

Can you take a screenshot of your event graph?


Screenshot 1 -

Screenshot 2 -

Try this.
Remove box collision from the components list and use “On component hit” Event on your “Bullet mesh”, that should work and be sure that your “bulletmesh” has collision.
Edit: And set your “bulletmesh” as the root of the actor.

What do I set the collision to be like in the “bulletmesh”? It’s set to “BlockAllDynamic”.

Here’s a screen of what it looks like:

Set it to “Block All”.

The actor still never dies.

Did you destroy the actor on the event hit, and set your “bulletmesh” as the root of the actor.

Here’s how it is now:

Open your “bulletmesh” in the static mesh editor and see if it has any collision on it, and also do this so it looks like this

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What collision do I put?

it already has collision on it, those blue lines around the mesh is collision.

Now when I shoot, the projectile doesn’t appear :expressionless:

if you want you can send me your project.

I can send you a PM, how do you want me to send it? Also, thanks for being here helping out.

No problem, Zip your project and upload it to here

Increase the number of sub-steps (Project settings - Physics substepping)

Sent the zipped file.