Projectile Going Through Walls

So my projectile, no matter what I do, always goes through walls, I tried to use the “on hit > destroy actor” idea ( but it didn’t work either, while playing, it keeps adding actors when I fire and never destroying them, any ideas?

Debug registers but goes through

If the projectile is too fast, it may don’t see the wall :

1000 m/s → ~40m per tick so the wall is too small to be calculated

use linetrace for collision, this will detect your wall :wink:

(I know this question is old, but I’m gonna answer it anyway…)

Have you tried enabling “continuous collision detection” on the projectile?

Continuous collision detection prevents small and/or fast objects from passing through walls.

(To enable it: navigate to the projectile’s “details” tab, and under collision: check “Use CCD”.)

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CCD does not work for me when I tried it.

This one worked for me for the small bullet shells. Thanks