Projectile Glide on Map

Hello everyone,

I am making a vehicle game using the Advanced Vehicle Blueprint. My car shoots a missile and I can make one of two things happen: it can be completely stopped (blocked) by the map, or it will be ignored (pass through) by the map. However, the behavior I am trying to accomplish is that the missile will move along the map. Like the turtle shells from Mario Kart.

I am also having an issue with spawning the missile in front of my car. In the BP I use a vector + vector block (shown below) to add an offset but whenever I change the Y or X value they do not react properly. To clarify: If I put an offset of 100 for X the missile spawns to the right of my car, if I put an offset of 100 for Y the missile spawns to my left-ish. I want to guess that my GetActorLocation axis is not oriented properly, but I do not know how to check that or change it.
If anyone could help me with either of these items I would very much appreciate it.