Projectile get hit not working, help needed

hello, i’m working on a fps game, trying to set all the basics; currently i’m setting up the weapon system.

i’m facing a little issue when the player fires, the bullet spawn, but i’m not getting any collision on the GetHit event, i’m only getting response from the BeginOverlap, this is causing me an issue, because i need to know the location and normal from the impact to spawn a decal with the right rotation.

here is my projectile, i also tried removing the capsule collision (BulletCollision) and using only the collision from the mesh but is the same, no Get Hit event is triggered.

my wall is set up like this

i tried also setting true the “Simulate Physics” on the wall actor, but when the projectile hit the wall, it moves, after that i locked the transform (location and rotation) but still makes son kind of weird movement when the bullet hit it. (in this case the get hit event is triggered, but i don’t want/need the wall to be moved when the bullet collides it.

any idea what i’m missing or doing wrong ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

i’m really sorry for the bump, but i still need help with this issue

A couple of things that jump out at a glance:

  • the collision is set to Overlapping rather than Blocking. Hit Events rely on blocking collision whereas overlapping collision will produce Overlap Events
  • if it’s the Bullet Collision component that is supposed to be responsible for detection / movement, ensure it is the root and attach the mesh to that component. Currently it seems it’s the other way round and the scene component just hangs there aimlessly.

Those 2 alone should solve it. Fingers crossed.

Also, consider having a look at the first person template - it has a projectile set up. You could study / compare that with yours. For reference:

You do not need to simulate physics; you can but the projectile component emulates that for you.


Thank you for the help, i will try that.

it worked, i used the projectile from the fps template as a guide to make my own bullet bp.

thanks again for the help @Everynone

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