Projectile gains speed every time it bounces

Hi, I’ve been trying to make a projectile that gains speed every time it bounces. So I used the On Projectile Bounce event to do it and have tried every thing: Set velocity in local space, set velocity, set initial speed, set max speed, etc. None of it has worked.

I’m no sure what I’m doing wrong, any help will be very much appreciated.

So the max speed and and initial speed didn’t do any thing no matter what I tried. The Set velocity didn’t work when I tried to add or multiply the variable by it self (get velocity), it would just stop every time it hit something setting velocity to zero, but it worked when I did with a new vector, but now it only goes right. I got the same result using the set velocity in local space. I’m still a noob in UE4 so please excuse the basic math.

(X1000,Y1000,Z1000) * 500 is always going to be the same when the projectile bounces, meaning it wont add velocity as its always the same.

I would try something like:

BounceSpeed would be set to whatever % more you want to add to the velocity, each bounce.

I set it up as you example and every time it hits any thing it just stops dead.

Nice, it worked. Thank you!

please add some screenshots of how you set the velocity.

To solve this, for some unknown reasons, you must set your projectile as the root component and also you must turn simulate physics off (otherwise it won’t bounce, while overlaps and hit events still work). Go to projectile movement component and set ‘should bounce’ to true.


Unfortunately with this setup, other bouncing settings don’t work (it’s a bug maybe). Btw I have tried this setup and it worked. If you want to have more control over impacts, then break impact result and follow your desired bouncing conditions. Hope it helped.