Projectile fly-by sound?

I’m curious to know a decent way to emit a whistling sound for bullet projectiles.

Any advice/ideas would be much appreciated.

Thought in the particle effect there might be a sound parameter and attenuate the sound but after a quick look there doesn’t appear to be one?

Maybe attach a trigger volume (set size specific to distance you want to hear the projectile) to the player which is triggered by the projectile and test if the projectile hits the player or not. If it doesn’t hit the player play an attenuated short sound …

I have been thinking of the same problem and thought of doing the following.

1). Add a trigger sphere to the player.
2). When the projectile enters that sphere, trigger the flyby sound.

I haven’t test this yet, but it was going to form the basis of how I approach the problem.

The correct way perhaps is to add an audio component to the projectile and play a soundcue with a Doppler node effect. But this may be too expensive and impractical.

What I did for my bow was only to play a sound once when the projectile is near the player, using vsize and the camera and projectile locations.

I’m guessing there is no such sound on projectiles in the UT example project? Not that i can see anyway.

I imagine there is tons of examples of this on the UDK forums, but they are still down! :frowning: Hopefully they sort that out soon.

Looks like there is an AmbientSound var in UTProjectile that handles this.