Projectile fire direction

i have made a gun blueprint that fires projectiles automatically in the leven on start. they keep fireing down though and i need them to fir forward can anyone help please?

You may want to try using the actor’s transform in world space instead of the component’s transform in local space.

Hi Gamebreaker,

You are getting the transform of socket “None”, which give sit a 0,0,0 value to look at. Try using either the socket for your weapon or creating a vector offset to your weapons end point.

Hi Adam, thankyou for pointing me in the right direction.
my weopon is a static mesh and it doesnt have a socket on it, i dont think. can you please tell me how i would go about offsetting the vector? i very new to this.


What you can do is create a vector variable. Set the X,Y,Z value to just in front of your weapons location. The image below shows what I did to offset my gun setup, which is similar to the way it is done in the first person template.

hi thanks, just tried that, no luck.

thats done the trick, thankyou very much :slight_smile: