Projectile / Damage Replication Issues

Hey there,
I’m currently working on a multiplayer game I want to release on Steam Greenlight when it’s finished. Unfortunately, there are two problems I work on since days/weeks, but can’t seem to resolve them:

1.The replication of projectiles and / or the damage replication seems to be unreliable in some way. As you can see in [this video][1] , when shooting the server character with the client one (or the other way round), a random amount of the projectiles just move through the character I’m aiming at for no obvious reason, while some of them hit. In comparision, I added footage of me shooting NPCs in singleplayer, which is 100% working.
And yes, the replication settings of the functions are already set to “reliable”.

Relevant part of the projectile script:

Part that is about the damage application to the character (shouldn’t be the problem):

2.Most of the map is made of destructible meshes, but they won’t replicate when fracturing. I already tried to make an actor, set the destructible mesh as a component and use the following blueprint-script, with no success:

If you need any more visuals to help me figure it out, go ahead and ask for it. I would be really glad if somebody could help me out with at least one of those. Thanks for reading!

I found CCD, short for “Continous Collision Detection” and activated it in the details of the projectiles, fixing my first problem. I stopped working with Destructible Meshes for now, so I don’t have a solution for the second one.

I know this is an old thread and if you have not managed to get the replicated issue sorted please check out