projectile custom collision

Hello guys! Could anyone help me to solve this problem please my projectiles always collide(and thus decreases HP) with my own pawn ,and I don’t know how to “teach” my projectiles to avoid it. “Cast to” my actor and than check wether he collides with projectile or not isn’t working cuz I have Multiplayer game and all players have the same actor BP.So when they connect to the server they are given the same actor class and here I can’t use “cast to”.I would greatly appreciate if you give me tips how to get the instigator of the event in MP game in my case it is an actor that shoots projectile in Multiplayer session . That would solve many problems. Thank you.

I don’t remember if there is a way to directly ignore instigator but if no better idea is given, this way would work :
With overlap instead of hit you can use “cast to” to avoid only the instigator.
Create a variable actor BP, and a custom event / function to set it.
When you spawn your projectile in actor bp, from return value output drag your custom event and use custom event / function to set variable with instigator. Then you can compare it with your other actor output.