Projectile Collision Problem

Hayhoo (°-c° ~ )

So my problem is that my projectile doesnt ignore the actor who spawned it, I already searched the Web for Solutions and the most simple way would be to use the “Ignore Actor” node, however I cant find this node (even when pulled from the CollisionComponent) the only node I was able to find was “Ignore Actor when Moving” but that didnt seem to help :frowning:
I hope somebody can help me with this d(^-^ ~)


in my opinion the real problem is that you seem to be spawning the projectile inside the actor. If you spawn the projectile outside the actor, the actor will never touch it, assuming the projectile is moving faster than the actor of course.

Otherwise, another solution could be to create a custom object channel (Project Settings > Engine > Collision) for that actor and then have the projectile ignore that object channel in it’s collision settings.

Is the projectile moving slower than the actor? if not, is there are reason why you’re spawning it inside of the actor? You can avoid all of these issues simply by spawning the projectile slightly outside the actor.

Yeah I already made a new object channel but its not really working (maybe I’m doing something wrong?) I should read a bit more about this :slight_smile:

Ok well your solution actually worked (altough my player doesnt recognize it when he gets shot by another player :/… ) I found a workaround though so thanks for your help :wink:

For the obvious reason that spawning the projectile midair just in front of its source looks a lot weirder and less realistic than it coming out of the source, the way it naturally would.

This is the correct answer (Ignore the SetUpdatedComponent node, it’s NOT necessary here, forgot to remove it from the example):

When you spawn the projectile, make sure to set its Instigator to the actor that spawned it.

Ignore Actor When Moving only works one-way, which is why you need to tell the instigator to ignore the projectile, AND tell the projectile to ignore the instigator.