Projectile Collision Overlapping With Player Character

Hi, as mentioned in the title I am having an issue with UE4 where when I fire off my projectile my characters collision is overlapping with it when I don’t want it to. I am new with unreal and have little knowledge of scripting so this could be an obvious answer but I don’t know.

I figure that i’m missing something simple and ive tried having it ignore the collision by using tags but this didn’t seem to work, any assistance would be appreciated, thank you.

Ok first in your projectile instead of using the Event Actor Begin Overlap you should use the OnComponentBeginOverlap event of your CollisionBox.

Edit: Now a way that could be better to avoid collision with your self is checking if the other actor is your instigator. When you spawn bullets you have the instigator pin.

Now when your character spawns the bullet you should fill that pin with a reference to self so the bullets know who their owner is. So if you filled that pin you can use this node inside your projectile.


And you can use an equal object node to check if they are equal, if they are then you ignore the collision, if they are not equal then you do whatever you need to do.

Instead of checking if they are equal, I would suggest adding to your construction script of the projectile the “Ignore Actor When Moving” function, and connect your get Instigator node to it

Thanks for the help, I think I’ve been doing something wrong when testing this and I couldnt fully understand how the instigators worked but I managed to get it working when i realized that it wasn’t the character that was causing the overlap it was the projectile itself, the collision was overlapping with the bullet. Thanks anyway, shows how the smallest overlook can cause such problems.