Projectile Collision Issues

Hello everyone! So, I’m having some issues with my projectile’s collision. I changed my simple OnActorBeginOverlap and ApplyDamage events, with EventHit, ApplyPointDamage, and EventPointDamage. The problem is though, my projectiles stopped colliding with other meshes. The attached image contains all graphs and settings. In detail there are:

  1. The Destructible Mesh settings
  2. The Projectile Blueprint
  3. The settings of a simple non destructible Mesh
  4. The EnemyBlueprint part for damage application on him when hit
  5. The error message I’m getting
  6. Two views (Server and Client) of what is happening

As it can be seen in the image, bullets pass through the enemy. Same thing happens for all other meshes as well (destructibles, simple meshes, other players). I feel like there’s something simple I’m missing here, but I can’t figure out what it is.
Thank you in advance everyone!

Your projectile is set to “OverlapAllDynamic” - which means it will overlap things. Which also means it wont “hit” anything.

Hello! Thanks for the reply. Yeah I noticed that after I posted this question. The issue remains though. I experimented with BlockAll, BlockAllDynamic, PhysicsActor and Pawn but the only thing that changes, is the actor destruction depending on the collision. For example, BlockAll blocks everything, BlockAllDynamic seems to block everything except the projectile doesn’t get destroyed immediately. PhysicsActor and Pawn don’t collide with anything. I also noticed that sometimes one out of five projectiles will not get blocked. I’m currently looking again into the different settings for each mesh.
Also damage doesn’t seem to register but I’ll look into it later.

Update: I think I’m gonna scrape it and do it all over again, this time implementing a BP for the destructible mesh.

The starter templates are valuable sources of info :slight_smile:

below is copy paste from default FPS template, after the event hit, just put your stuff in there instead.


We think the same way :stuck_out_tongue: I tested my BPs on a clean FPS Project and I’m still having issues. I believe I have set up the whole thing poorly:
PlayerBP requests WeaponBP to fire > WeaponBP fires by spawning the projectile > ProjectileBP travels carrying WeaponBP variables (damage, armor penetration) > Hit Actor recieves variables from projectile and performs calculations > Projectiles is destroyed.
I’m gonna implement a BP Interface later today. See how things work.
Also, I think I’m gonna step away from multiplayer. This thing only makes the situation harder to deal with.
Thanks again!

Update: After a few more tries and experimentation I spotted the issue. Everything falls apart the moment I change the event OnActorBeginOverlap to EventHit. I tried several combinations of collision settings on the projectile and the meshes (static, destructible, character mesh) but it just doesn’t work. It feels like there’s an problem with my installation or something. Cause this thing doesn’t make any sense.

hey mate u need a physics assets on the enemy char and make the mesh ragdoll! :slight_smile: