Projectile colliding far away from target

Hi there.

I have a simple projectile, a bullet, and I have a simple target, a box with a box collider, the projectile generates a hit event in the box and everything works except one thing.

When I shoot to the target and I aim straight at the target it works, but If I shoot away from the target, outside it, the projectile stills collide with the target, even when there is no target or collider on it´s way.

The projectile has CCD active and the projectile movement has the substeps active.
The projectile speed is very high.

Why is the projectile colliding with nothing?

I´ll post pictures as soon as I return to my PC, I´m out now.

Cheers and thanks in advance

Something was wrong with the Blueprint of the target, I tried a different target build from the ground up and it´s working.