projectile Blueprint

Hello guys,
I’ve been working on a project and i’ve encountered some issues but the biggest issues that’s been nagging me for days is that the projectile fireball of my character…the issue is that when i fire the projectile the hit effect which should show up on the end point of the projectile or where it hits but shows up right where the projectile is fired from and i’ve spent hours trying to fix it but i still can’t seem to find the issue…Hope you guys can help it’d be much appreciated.
I’ve attached my blueprints of the projectile.

hi man,
break down the line trace , i dont know what is the camera boom, but:
Check if the boolean return 0 or 1, in the linetrace.
maybe he dont see any contact and so there is no impacct location.
Or maybe your line tracce start with an impact wth your model or actor or fireball !.
Try to clean up using only the linetrace without fireball , and from different starting point. just add a forward vecctor *100, so you start the line from some steps forward

By the way :
A debug line could help you !
try adding a debug line with the same vectors of the linetrace and see where it goes.

Sounds like collision issues. Your line trace is hitting your capsule component.

My projectile approach/preferences…

Create an object type for your pawn capsule (capsule component) and one for your projectile collision.…ype/index.html
Update the collision for the capsule component. Set projectile interaction to ignore.

Create a BP for your projectile (Actor).
Update the projectiles collision to “projectile”. Set Pawn Capsule interaction to ignore.

This will prevent all projectiles from interacting (colliding) with pawn capsules. The added benefit is now projectiles will interact with the skeletal mesh. You can do per bone hit detection (arm, leg, hand, neck, head etc).

Next add a Hit event in the projectile class (On Component Hit). Let this event determine hits and spawn the Hit FX …emitters, decals, sounds etc. Added bonus is you no longer need delays as in your posted bp. Plus you’ve just increased your multiplayer replication performance and ease of integration.