Projectile being shot resets pawn location?

Starting learning UE5 since skipping UE3 (for the most part) and UE4. Been doing some tutorials with pong and now an air force top down shooter.

When I shoot a projectile it seems to reset the location of the player controlled ship

This is the function that I do on Jump ( I tried with another key as well, same issue)
I’m using a floating pawn movement. Not quite sure what to check next. I removed jump from the input commands, but that changed nothing.

I see that my playerstart is a networkplayerstart? Just grasping at straws

Any helps would be appreciated!


Video is private, can’t see what is happening.

If you disable the collision in your projectile class, is the pawn still being affected?

Yes! that’s what the issue was. Video is now public as well. Thanks for your help :smiley: