Projectile behaviour changing and not consistent

I have an AI setup to shoot projectiles at a straight line. When the character gets hit by this projectile it should spawn a particle effect and reduce the health bar of the character (With a message on top left confirming that damage should have been applied). The problem is that on some hits it does exactly that and on some hits it spawns the particle effects but does not apply damage to the health bar and on some hits it applies damage but bounces off the character altogether.

Now i have looked into my BP and cant find any reason why it would display these three separate behaviours (although i am a beginner in UE4 ). So i am posting here thinking that i would like to confirm first if this is a bug or not. Below i have attached some screenshots with the title of the image describing what it is doing.

Please let me know if this is a bug or not so that i can pursue it with the BP section. Thanks.

Other Info:

  1. The should bounce option on projectile movement is turned off.
  2. When i move towards the projectile it works fine 100% of the time but problem only occurs when i am standing still

Can someone help with this?

This is very unlikely to be a bug. For us to be able to help you, could you please post a few screenshot of your blueprints especially from the part where you detect the hit, update the character health bar and spawn the particles?